My passion is driven by doing and creating something that can impact and make a difference in people’s lives every day. It’s important to be committed to my core values and set my purpose and intention in what I wish to achieve through my actions, relationships and my work. This is how I excel. This is how I innovate.

Diversity and Empathy

Diversity and inclusion is not only necessary but also helps make a better community. I aim to create and foster a space and experience where everyone feels welcome and accepted no matter who they are, where they came from, how they worship, or whom they love. I hope to educate and empower each other with empathy and compassion, truly celebrating our differences.

Live the most authentic that I can be, It’s outward.

Think outside the box or bust. Even better, burn that box. I’ve learned to embrace my weirdness, the source of my creativity and the fuel for my passion. By living the most authentic that I can be, I can foster a creative energy that is unique and radiates outward.

Continuous Learning and Movement

Certain facts about me: my family emigrated from the heart of Metro Manila, Philippines to the flatlands of the Chicago suburbs. I love to travel anywhere and get inspired by the energy of cities and permanence of nature. Rock climbing is how I stay active. Continuous movement and interactions are opportunities that enable learning and growth. They help create an environment that encourages the constant flow of ideas that drive towards everyone’s progress.

Working not working =  people not profits

Working in healthcare consulting along with my biomedical science background, problem-solving and facing challenges is my default. I aim to help organizations strategize and recognize opportunities for growth and innovation by finding out-of-the-box solutions. But more importantly, help individuals develop the skills necessary to build an understanding community filled with meaning relationships.

Working hard is my religion

I believe that hard work drives creativity and luck. Deliberate work requires discipline and when mixed with creativity is how ideas are brought to life. I am drawn to a place where people are passionate and work hard at what they do and their respective contributions are understood and appreciated. I hope to find meaningful work and strive to find environments that foster collaboration, productivity and value and also prioritize fun and freedom.