Keeping Things Simple

Keeping it simple requires a lot of active discipline and mindfulness. I’m starting to learn the power of maintaining my daily routine and good habits in order to stay grounded, doggedly avoid distractions and conserve my energy. 

This reminds me of a conversation I had with a native Portlander. He believed in the singularity of things, an idea akin to minimalism and only being able to experience one thing at a time. “You can have as many pairs of shoes you like, but you’re only going to wear one at a time.” The same goes to the clothes I wear, the bike I ride, books I read and conversations I have. We really only need one, or none. And we really don’t need a lot. However, we are so inclined to buy more stuff that we think we need. We think the excess will make us feel more secure, seeking fulfillment in material things in order to compensate for our deficiencies. 

I’m continually in the process of eliminating the clutter, from the things I own to the habits I have. My personal rehabilitation. We start learning the principles of simplicity and minimalism out of pure necessity in order to fight life’s materialistic entropy and pursue a more enriching life. It’s reassuring to hear words of Adrienne Rich and guiding Cheryl Strayed down the trails of the PCT, “The more you know the less you need.”


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