A New Computer

I got myself a new computer over the holiday weekend. I couldn’t handle being limited by my tools, hindering the rate of learning that I allotted myself. As well, I didn’t want to fill my work computer with a lot of unrelated programs that would cause a lot of suspicion towards my ongoing development.

So, what does this mean?

It’s the first time I got a computer without sacrificing any specs. Before this, I had a 11.4” monitor with 2GB of storage and an AMD processor. Naturally, I didn’t get anything done other than watch Michelle Obama videos online.

I gave myself lots of discipline. With my time, purpose and practice.

Learning will take a lot of small steps. I am still learning how to learn and deciding along the way which methods work for me. I’ve always been stuck in the beginnings of things, reading way too many Chapter Ones and introductions. Let’s hope I got the fundamentals down.

Getting a new computer means dedicating myself towards CREATING. And learning by Creating. My sister said that being able to create and be creative in my work is the only way to prove what I learned.

Curriculum Rules:

  • Eliminate the ‘noise’
  • At least 30 mins everyday
  • One language at a time
  • Follow my curriculum
  • Create and starting building. Stop reading.

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