I have always been a sister all my life. I may forget it often, but it is one thing that I always resort to when I’m feeling down, emotional, or exalted. Surrounded by 3 other sisters in a matriarchy, I have always had a community of supportive women who are rooting each other. We each had a difficult time growing up, but everyone understood how much it takes to be a woman on our own and for other women. Fighting together, always.

I am so proud of all my sisters and the woman they all have become. Battered souls, defeated at one point, but never stop getting up when the going gets tough. Cara, who has become the best mother I know, continually proves the community wrong about being a parent with disability. She’s surrounded by so much unconditional love, she no longer has to fight for it. And Katrina, who’s always been an artist from day one, can finally follow her vision and be part of the community who accepts everyone regardless of their background and authenticity. She also no longer has to be alone to fight for a sense of belonging and self-expression. And Justinne, the youngest, who, as my therapist can vouch for, I am so proud of her. I have been so protective of her and what she can be exposed to and experiences she craves that I am often astounded when I realize that she’s just like me, except I didn’t want her to make the same mistakes I did. She’s so driven and smart it’s a shame I don’t spend enough time with her.

We were all truly connected, sisters to each other, but truly individuals who have finally found ourselves, becoming the people we were meant to be.


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