Achieving by Belonging

Change our attitude towards our goals. We often set lofty goals in life, seeking betterment, better ways to be a version of ourselves.

Solution: In order to actually do so, we need to change our mindset, how we see ourselves in the future and surround ourselves with an empowering community. We don’t need to become the only responsible people for achieving our own goals. It’s always a team effort.

When we become patient and kind to ourselves, we are more open and aware with what is in front of us. Things take time. We don’t need to be the best. Remind yourself that you are doing this for yourself and before we even can do anything, we need to have the right mindset. We can’t be punishing, but rather, positive reinforcement that every action is already working towards our goal.

Once we have worked on ourselves, we also need to work on our external environment. By constantly surrounding ourselves with self-love and like-minded people who enjoy pursuing your goal, be it triathlons, learning to play an instrument, rock climbing or a change of cities. Multiple perspectives can change our outlook and help us be more engaged with our goals. They also have way of getting your mind out of fixation from distracting you to think that what you’re doing is fun, because, it is. Rather they create an environment of optimism and comfort.

We must also not forget, to keep our eyes on the prize. It’s important to have a goal because it helps us orient our lives to something we find meaningful. But only do so if you can fully envision yourself succeeding.


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